27 September 2015

Harvest Sunday - A Day of Prayer in Thanksgiving for the Harvest and the Fruits of Human Work

Sunday Masses                            

9.30am      Joe Coughlan (LD)                      
11.00am    Bernard and Carol Kiley (Golden Wedding)              
6.30pm      Frank Smith                     

Weekday Masses

Mon.   8.30am      Mgr. Leo Alston (A)
Tues.  8.30am     In Thanksgiving
Wed.   8.30am    Frank and Beatrice Brindle
Thurs. 8.30am    Patricia Dickinson  
Fri.      8.30am    Frank Smith
Sat.     8.30am    Special Intention      

Sunday Masses, 4th October                             

9.30am        Harry Turner (LD)                           
11.00am      Gertie Polding (Birthday)                    
6.30pm        Jim & Judith Kenyon (A)                                                           

Please pray for our sick brothers and sisters  

Jayne Hodge  Kathleen Reynolds  Bridget Cain  Hazel Lee  Mary Patten  Agnes  Martindale  Robert  Stretton  Hilda and Harold Haworth    Maureen  Turner    Mildred Bridge   Margaret   and   Fred  Wood    Harold Sutton   Josie Down    Mary Campbell    Margaret Bower  Thomas Moss    Winifred Marshall   Gerard Baker    Hugh O’Daly    Margaret Dearden    Maureen Jackson    David  Woods      Frank Morris    David Lynch

Golden Wedding

Congratulations to Carol and Bernard Kiley who today celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary. We join them in thanking God for the blessings they have received in these fifty years and wish them a splendid celebration and every blessing for the future.


Today we welcome in baptism Tobias David and Alexander William Bond and wish them and their family every blessing in their faith journey.


Thank you for last week’s collection of £894 and for the Home Mission collection of £308.

Harvest Fast Day

Friday is the Harvest Fast Day... why a fast day? Because the day is meant to be an opportunity for us to put ourselves alongside the hungry of this world by doing without something we like... and donating the money we save to the CAFOD collection which will be taken next Sunday at mass. Whether it’s a bar of chocolate, a pint, a bottle of wine.... whatever.... the cost of it can go to the collection.
And this year we might wish to add some of the £50 we got from United Utilities to help those who have no access to clean water... for a few weeks we lived without safe water to drink. For millions of people that’s a daily reality.... it is estimated that 1400 children die every day from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water.... if you wish to make a donation to help this cause, please mark your envelope “Water Aid” and I will ensure the money goes to support that need.

The Rosary

October is the month of the Rosary... the Rosary as a prayer kept the Faith alive in this country during the Reformation when to say or attend Mass was a capital offence. The Rosary is said here each morning after the Mass.


Tuesday    St. Michael (whose name means: He who is like God)
Thursday   The ‘Little Flower’ –  St. Therese of Lisieux
Friday      The Guardian Angels

Religious Inspection

On Tuesday the Diocese will visit our School to review both the religious teaching and the practice of the Faith in the life of the School. A detailed report has been written showing how religion is taught and practised in our School. When OSFTED inspected the school (December 2014) they wrote: “A major strength of the school is the impressive promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development”. We are blessed to have a Head and Staff for whom this ‘religious education’ of the children is a priority – for them the school is a community in which the Faith is both lived and taught. Please keep them and all the children in your prayers.

Friends of St. Gregory’s School - PTA

The AGM will be held at the School on Friday, October 1st at 6.30pm.

Ministering to the Assembly

Counters  (28th   September)  Celia and Derek Birchall

Rotas        (4th October)      
S.A.S.         Margaret Scard         
Readers    Margaret Scard            Elizabeth Green                Paul Tate
Ministers   Catherine Todd            Emmy Moss                       Christine Crossen        
                    Richard Jackson          Sharon Hobin    
Dial a Ride Taxi                                Kevin Masterson