20 September 2015

25th Sunday, 20th September   -   Home Mission Sunday

We have regular “Mission” appeals – requests to support those working on the “foreign missions”. Today we are asked to pray for the work of the Church here at home – to pray that every Catholic, every parish, will try to share their Faith – that we will become “missioners” here in our own backyard. There will be a second collection today to support the work of “MISSION” in England and Wales.

Sunday Masses  

9.30am   Harry Turner (LD)                         
11.00am Michael Dickinson                       
6.30pm   Special Intention    

Weekday Masses

Mon.       8.30am  Hilda Kerfoot (A)
Tues.      8.30am  Ken Brindle
Wed.       8.30am  Frank Morris (operation)
Thurs.     8.30am  The Woods Family
Fri.          8.30am  Katie Walsh
Sat.         8.30am  The Bond Family         

Sunday Masses, 27th September                                                                             

9.30am   Joe Coughlan (LD)                           
11.00am Bernard and Carol Kiley (Golden Wedding)                    
6.30pm   Frank Smith                                                                                                   

Please pray for our sick brothers and sisters

Jayne Hodge  Kathleen Reynolds  Bridget Cain  Hazel Lee  Mary Patten  Agnes  Martindale  Robert  Stretton  Hilda and Harold Haworth    Maureen  Turner    Mildred Bridge   Margaret   and   Fred  Wood    Harold Sutton   Josie Down    Mary Campbell    Margaret Bower  Thomas Moss    Winifred Marshall   Gerard Baker    Hugh O’Daly  Margaret Dearden    Maureen Jackson    David Woods    Frank Morris    David Lynch

Please remember Mary Gaskell who died aged 91 last week. Mary’s Requiem Mass will be celebrated here on Wednesday at 10.00am. May she rest in peace.


Today we welcome in Baptism Noah Derek Lane. We remember him and his family in our prayers.


Thank you for last week’s collection of £1009.

Friends of St. Gregory’s School – AGM

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the School on October 1st at 6.00pm. All parents are automatically members of the FoSG – and parishioners are also welcome to join. The Friends have been most generous in raising funds for the school – evidence of that generosity is seen in the features in the school grounds. Nominations for the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer should be submitted in writing to the School Office before 25 September.

Harvest Parcels

The children (with their parents) will be delivering their Harvest Parcels to our older parishioners on Friday 2nd October between 10.00 and 11.30am..

Dates For The Diary

Confirmations   -   Bishop John Rawstorne will be here on the 1st December to confirm our children in School. This will be an opportunity for those who knew Bishop John to meet again: after retiring as Bishop of Hallam he has returned to the Diocese and is serving as a curate in Widnes.
First Communions   -  14 May 2016

A School Prayer

The children of St. Gregory’s are learning this prayer which they use at school. Perhaps we might pray it with them – and for them.


Ministering to the Assembly       

Counters  (21st  September)     Denise and Bruce Conway

Rotas        (27th September)      

S.A.S.         Mary Wakeman and Liz Fowler         
Readers    James MacLeod            David Fairclough                      Christine Crossen
Ministers   Margaret Scard             Clare Meredith                         Terry Turner        
                   Chris Huddy                  Paul Thompson    
Dial a Ride   Taxi                            Rick Gillett