13 September 2015

24th  Sunday, 13th September 2015

Sunday Masses                    

9.30am   John Shaw                               
11.00am  Mary Beechinor (LD)                        
6.30pm   Fr. Firth

Weekday Masses

Mon.  8.30am  Valerie Bretherton
Tues. 8.30am  Harry Turner (LD)
Wed.  8.30am  Katie Walsh
Thurs.8.30am  Joseph & Lucy Roscoe (A)  
Fri.     8.30am  Joan Frearson (LD)
Sat.    8.30am  Graham Gaskell (A)

Wednesday 10.00am in church - Mass to ask God's blessing on the new school year. All welcome.

Sunday Masses, 20th September

9.30am   Harry Turner (LD)
11.00am Michael Dickinson
6.30pm   Special Intention              

Please Pray For Our Sick Brothers And Sisters 

Jayne Hodge  Kathleen Reynolds  Bridget Cain  Hazel Lee  Mary Patten  Agnes  Martindale  Robert  Stretton  Hilda and Harold Haworth    Maureen  Turner    Mildred Bridge   Margaret   and   Fred  Wood    Harold Sutton   Josie Down    Mary Campbell    Margaret Bower  Thomas Moss    Winifred Marshall   Gerard Baker    Hugh O’Daly  Margaret Dearden    Maureen Jackson    David  Woods      Frank Morris    David Lynch

“Heal thy servants, Lord, who are sick, and send them help from thy holy place”


We welcome this morning Talia Latus and Marcus Michael Patrick Keenay – two cousins – in baptism and remember them both in our prayers.


Thank you for the collection last week of £935.

Racial Justice Sunday

Today is by happy coincidence Racial Justice Sunday. I say happy because this is the issue facing us all in Europe today – we are challenged to make our Church, our country, a ‘sanctuary’ committed to building cultures of welcome and hospitality to all – but especially for those in greatest need and danger. As the Bible says: “The stranger (foreigner) who resides with you shall be to you as a citizen among you: you shall love the stranger (the foreigner) as yourself”. A world without borders???

United Utilities

I’m told that we can all expect a compensation payment from United Utilities of some £50 for boiling water!
Some parishioners have suggested that as we were not very inconvenienced, some of us might like to donate some or all of this money to help those in need of a water supply that we take for granted. Many, many have to walk miles to obtain what we’d call unsafe water for their daily use.
May I suggest we tie this suggestion into the Harvest Collection on October 4th. (If you want to give before then, please put your donation into an envelope marked “water” (with Gift Aid number if you have one) with your offertory gift at mass.

Gift Aid Envelopes

Did anyone pick up box No. 9 by mistake....?

Dates For The Diary

Confirmations   -   Bishop John Rawstorne will be here on the 1st December to confirm our children in School. This will be an opportunity for those who knew Bishop John to meet again: after retiring as Bishop of Hallam he has returned to the Diocese and is serving as a curate in Widnes.
First Communions   -   14 May 2016

Ministering to the Assembly 

Counters  (14th September)     John and Mary Mark

Rotas        (20th September)      

S.A.S.               Sandra Donnelly, Madge Martin, May West         
Readers          Pauline Doyle            Sharon Hobin                     Michael Rothwell
Ministers         Emmy Moss               Bernard Kiley                     Paul Rynn        
                          Christine Crossen     Nick Mather    
Dial a Ride      Barry Crossen           To be confirmed