8 August 2019

~~The following intend to marry here at Weldbank in 2020. If you know of any reason why they should not be married “you are bound to declare the same as soon as possible”. Sounds very threatening that requirement! But more importantly, if you know of any others planning a wedding, do ask them to make contact with the church office .... and let us hold all these young couples in our prayers. May they find much joy and enduring love in their commitment to each other.

Rebecca Dunne & Jonathan Revell - 25th April 2020

Kelly McGeown & Bruce Westwood - 30th May 2020

Megan Taylor & Gareth Tuson - 5th June 2020

Emma Latham & Allen Akrigg - 11th July 2020

Emma Ramshaw & Luke Lightfoot - 25th July 2020

Chantelle Clinton & Scott Parkinson - 28th August 2020

Amy Martin & William Gregory - 5th September 2020

Stephanie Ellison & Luke Ashcroft - 2nd October 2020

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